Mastering Workers' Compensation: The MINI-BOOK

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2017 Print Edition

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Your Ultimate Guide to Mastering Workers' Compensation Costs is the risk management industry's #1 training manual.

Our guidebooks, based on decades of the combined hands-on field experience of the industry's leading cost-reduction expert and the most-respected professional organization, covers how to:

► Assess your workers' compensation program,

► Design the most cost-impacting strategy,

► Roll out comprehensive changes to your organization and,

► Monitor and manage the program going forward.

This 20-page mini-book summarizes each chapter of the comprehensive book down to one page each. This booklet is in OUTLINE format, thus perfect for training programs and as a seminar follow-along handout. This booklet can be used as a stand-alone for training or promotions, or in conjunction with the Comprehensive Guidebook

These valuable mini-books make great handouts at conventions. They stay on your prospects and clients desks forever, like a HUGE business card.! Very useful as a conference promotional item.

For orders of 25 or more, custom branding is available at no additional charge. Bulk sale prices are available for commercial needs of agents, brokers, insurance companies, and associations.

Chapters include:

   • Workers’ Compensation Insurance Basics
   • Fundamentals of Cost Containment
   • Training and Building Commitment
   • Injury Management Best Practices Roles and Responsibilities
   • Reporting the Claim
   • Post-Injury Response Procedure
   • Communication with Employees
   • Working with Your Adjusters or TPA
   • Safety and Loss Control
   • Wellness Programs
   • Return to Work and Transitional Duty
   • Other Indemnity Cost Containment Services
   • Directing Medical Care
   • Medical Cost Containment
   • Fighting Fraud and Abuse
   • Rehabilitating the Injured Employee
   • Managing Prescription Drug Use and Abuse Program
   • Claims Resolution and Settlements
   • BONUS CHAPTER! Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA)

Learn the Basics of Workers Comp

Types of Workers’ Compensation Insurance
How Losses Are Reported
Reducing Your Premium
Calculating Your Premium
How Mod Affects Your Premium
Good/Bad Mod Examples
Ways to Reduce Your Mod
Unit Statistical Date
Types of Insurance Structures
Voluntary Markets
Alternatives to Voluntary Markets
Collateral Requirements
Purpose of Workers’ Compensation
Who Pays for Workers’ Compensation
Parties Involved in Workers’ Compensation
Benefits for the Employer
Independent Contractors
Benefits for the Employee
Injuries Covered
Determining Compensability
Aggravation vs. Exacerbation
Standard Defenses
How Losses Are Categorized

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Purchase 25-Pack of Mini-Books for Only $10 Each!

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